We spend lot of hours, months or years at gym eat a lot of muscle gain supplements and still not satisfied by gains. Reason can be your deed for more or you may not be getting proper results. This often leads to disappointment and force many people to quit workout. Problem is not in workout. Problem is in how you do it. If you are not doing workout properly then you will not be able to earn gains properly in valid time or may be you disfigure yourself if you are doing it wrong. Here are some very simple and efficient ways to perform exercise and food which you have to eat in order to get proper gains.
First you need to understand the concept behind the growth of muscles and size of muscles. Because if you understood this then you will be able to create your own diet charts and exercise charts. People often don’t know the science behind the subject and then later get disappointed if it don’t work out. Everyone have different body types, so basic thing is to understand the concept rather than doing any kind of exercises and food intake. So here is the science behind:


How is muscle built scientifically:

Muscles are made up of fibers, thread like structures with overlay on each other to form a muscle. These threads are made up of protein. Muscles are responsible for movements of body. Without muscles we will be unable to move or body.

Science behind building muscle.

Think of a scenario where you want to lift a jar full of water. You will hold the jar and pick it up easily. Science behind this is when you think about picking up a jar at that time your mind sends the signals to motor nerves these nerves are responsible for the contraction of muscle with further moves the bones of your arm and fingers and you get suitable power to lift that jar.

Doing these kind of daily activities leads to use of fibres which deplete over time and
protein keeps repairing them. But keep in mind that it repairs or substitute old fibres.
it will not give you the size of muscle you want. However it fully depends on your daily
routine that you will gain size or not. But in normal daily life activities you will not
be able to get the size.

How size increase?

Size of a muscle increase when you lift more than the capacity of your muscles tolerance. In this process fibres break down which further repaired by protein. This time repaired fibre is more thick and stronger and bigger in size which provides more strength to body.

Science behind this.

Scenario is not much different then the above scenario where you are picking up the jar. Now think of picking up a jar which is of 30 gallons. Here your mind will again send the signals to motor nerves and they will contract the muscles which further helps in bone movements of fingers and arm. But you won’t be able to pick it up because jar is too heavy. Here your mind will send signals to more motor nerves in your body and you  will use your both hands, hold the jar tightly, position your feet and flex your back and then lift it. Here your mind used the power of other muscles in order to do the task. But task is not the only thing which happened here. You tear down your muscle fibre and  when your body will repair it, it will be bigger and stronger in size.

How muscles repair and get big?

Muscles repair when your fibre breakdown rate is less than your protein intake. And this process mainly occurs while you are resting. If you break down your fibres and don’t take enough protein ie more than the breakdown rate then you won’t be able to get more muscles and size. In fact you will go more ripped and I am sure you don’t want it if you are underweight. So you need to eat more and healthy calories with proper rest in order to work this process properly.

Here are effective ways to achieve the goal of big and more muscles:

  1. During workout don’t just lift the weights. Instead lift enough weight so that you can perform the action clear and properly. This is very important, if you just lift weights without proper formation then it will be of no use. Your need to move only that part on which you are working on. Be like robot if you are doing biceps workout then just move your arm area from elbow to hand nothing else.
  2. Try to put pressure on the muscle which you want to grow big by holding weights between the peak time of action or repetition for 1 second.
  3. Don’t do repetitions fast, instead do slow. Perform the action slowly. By this you will tear down your fibres more.
  4. Don’t beat your single muscle daily. Means don’t do single part exercise daily. Make a proper chart and do according to it. Because your muscles need time to repair and get mature before you break them again.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking the plenty of water.
  6. Eat food which contains surplus of protein and avoid eating unsaturated fat containing food and drink fruit juice throughout the day.
  7. Proper rest is very important, so you need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day so that your body can repair your muscles properly.

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