This topic concentrates on those people who are new to gym or in bodybuilding.
Moreover on those people who are skinny and finding their way through for a good
physique and size. Here we are not talking about steroids and oil based suppliments.
This topic is on general supplements(Whey,mass gainers etc), workout supplements for beginners. These are necessary bodybuilding supplements. If you want to loose weight then you might check by clicking here for weight loss related info.

Everyone wants to look good and better. A good physique boosts our confidence and
positivism. You may encounter a lot of people throughout the day who are having a
good physique and you may think or remind about them for a while. When you see such people and think about them its because you may too want that kind of good physique. A good physique isolates you from the crowd and put you in different part of viewing perception of people. It feels good and give you confidence to stand out of the crowd.

One of the most common terms used for a person who is having a good body in India are:

“Dabba/powder kha kha k banai hogi”
“Steroids lets hoga, andar se khatam hai”
“Pata nahi kya kya khaata hai, goliya kha kha k banai hai, danger hai body k liye”

OK guys lets clear one thing. Either you are shit or you are pretending to be shit
because you don’t have enough guts to stand up and reach that level of person whom
you are shitting about. For every one who say shit abouts suppliments and modern


In today’s scenario life is too busy and no one have time to eat throughout whole day to meet their calories needs for building a body and also it becomes too expensive. So supplements are must to take whether you are veg or non-veg.

So guys before proceeding you first need to understand what are supplements so that you can use them properly and get out of negative hype created by people.

What are supplements?

Supplements are catalysts. They speed up the process of muscle building by providing proper and needed nutrition support. When we buy protein, mass gainer etc from market, they are nothing they are just proper extraction of nutrients of edible items. These products are not bad for health if taken properly under supervision. Extraction of minerals that are suitable and needed for a particular process are extracted in these supplements.

Why to take supplements?

In order to build a good body you have to spend a lot of time per day in gym and have to eat lot a lot to meet your calorie need. As you grow more this need also grow more and hence time. So to cut down the time and need to eat a lot you have to use supplements which provides you exactly same nutrients as food do because these supplements are made up of extracted material  form edible items, but supplements contain more nutrients in less quantity. So rather than eating 30 eggs a day you may eat 15 eggs and 2 scoops of protein in replacement of other 15 eggs. So in this way supplements are good and better option in order to build a physique.

Advantage of Supplements.

  1. Supplements provide more nutrients in less quantity.
  2. Supplements are easily digestible and provides accurate nutrients which are needed by body. You can use supplements to keep raw and unsaturated fats away and also you don’t need to eat food whole day.
  3. Supplements provides you all nutrients. A balanced diet containing everything you need.

That’s all about Supplements and its advantages. Below are few tips for beginners related to gains and supplements and supplement timing guide:

  1. Don’t take supplements from first day of gym. For almost 20-30 days workout for about 30 minutes a day and take natural die which contains eggs, fruits, vegetables etc.
  2. After almost a month you can start taking supplements. But don’t rush for it, first you need to keep track of your digestive system. If you are bad at digestion or unable to digest so much of food then buying supplements will put negative or no effective on body.
  3. To keep digestion system up to the mark with food intake you have to buy some medicines. Go to chemist and take pills for digestion from there (In INDIA buy Liv.52 and Gokshura of Himalaya). Take one dose of this with your every major meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Drink minimum 4 liter of water daily with this.
  4. Keep going with this course and keep tracking your digestion system. Withing one week you will notice that you are digesting everything you put in your stomach. Now you can take supplements.
  5. Don’t buy directly Whey protein or isolate protein. This will not help you if you are skinny. Buy a good mass gainer and more important an original mass gainer from authorized store and protein half of quantity of mass gainer. Now mix both of them in a big container. Mix them properly and put back mixed powder in air tight container.
  6. Take 1 scoop after breakfast. 1 scoop 20 minutes before workout. 1 scoop 5-10 minutes after workout and 2 scoops before you sleep.

Do not buy anything else that this. Trust me you will start noticing gains in your body within a week. Share this topic below and let is know whether it helped you or not.