This post is for everyone whether you are a man or women, want to gain muscles, weight or want to loose some. If you just joined gym and new to workout but don’t know where to start and how to start then this post is for you. Keep going through the post. This post will describe what and how to do in the first moth of gym session.

Mind set/ Goals


Set your goals high but keep milestones short. Most of you have question that
in how much time I am going to have a good body, muscular body or at least enough
that clothes look good on me “bhai bas t-shirt theek lage”. And girls are even more curious regarding depletion of their belly fat, love handles and butt/thighs fat. So the answer is, it will happen, you will have the kind of body you want, this is 101% true that it will happen but not in month or two. So don’t think that world will be upside down within a month. If it can happen within a month then why people keep working out for years. And this is the main cause of most dropouts from gym. So in first month you will start noticing change in your body, energy levels, mind, peace, confidence and better lifestyle. But just don’t drop out from workout keep going no matter how hard it seems, to do this we are going to describe you everything below.

And yeah guys one more tip: You are working out for yourself not for others, so don’t
try to show others and don’t get demotivated by others just stay loyal to yourself and
you will achieve what you want.

First month Schedule


This is your first month schedule of gym and workout. Don’t push yourself too hard at this step because if you do then there are chances that you will drop out from gym due to unbearable discomfort and sprains. So keep it smooth for the first month. Here is what you have to do.


Workout part:

  1. Fix your timings. No matter what but you have to hit gym exactly at the time you set. No delays in timings. For weight loss morning timings are ideal and for gains evening time is ideal. Reason behind fixed timing is that if you do exercise daily at fix time then it becomes more effective and gives you better results.
  2. Hit gym only 60 minutes for first month. No more no less than 60 minutes. All you have to do is 60 minutes of proper exercise. Reason behind this is, Your testosterone cycle is of 60 minute. At this time your testosterone is at peak level at you have maximum power. This has to be used in building muscles so if you are new to gym then keep your time under 60 minutes.
  3. In gym for first 10 days you don’t have to use weights more than, 5 kg for men, 1-2.5 kg for women. No matter you are capable of lifting more you just don’t have to lift more. You are not going to become Arnold in first week so stick with this.
  4. Do not rest too much between the sets as it cools down the body and muscles. Keep your muscles in motion in order to achieve results.
  5. If you are skinny then you have to do this workout for 5 days a week and if you want to loose weight then 6 days week.

Eating part:


This is very important part to be considered. In weight loss or muscle gain exercise works 20-30% only rest all the work is done by your diet. Keep yourself away from unhealthy food no matter you are gaining or not. Always eat healthy food which contain proteins and essential nutrients which you need to grow your body. So it is very important to understand that what to eat during the course and what not to for  loosing weight and gaining related info click below

Loose weight
Gain weight

For full workout plan of beginners first month click here.

That’s all guys. Please share your views with others regarding the course or any other valuable review which you want to give.